Safetmade Marine Products Co. is specialized in maritime safety, manufacturing and testing with headquarters located in İzmir, Turkiye.

The company is committed to deliver top quality products according to all regulations while working in a harmony with market, partners and environment. Our team consistently aim for the highest performance and company’s prestige and product quality.

Safetmade’s activities focus on the following areas;

  • Water bags for proof load tests
  • Manufacturing safety equipments for maritime business
  • Manufacturing test equipments
  • Projects, Custom Products
  • Proof Load Test Services


We also serve the following areas mostly:

  • Shipyards, Wharfs
  • Shipchandlers, Ship suppliers
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Offshore and Onshore Service Companies


Our experienced engineers and staff, using our own branded materials,  can test up to 1000 tons at any location of the world.

Safetmade started manufacturing water and air operated bags in late 90’s and became one of the sector leaders in short time with the help of their commitment to customer satisfaction and research & development studies.

Safetmade also offers engineering projects depending on customer requirements like heavy lift load tests, flotation and air lifting systems.

Safetmade has been aware of the importance for manufacturing safety products and executes strict quality standards in manufacturing process under the supervision of international classification societies.

Product range introduces wide variety with load testing water bags, air lifting bags, towable bladder & carriage bags, oil booms and buoy bags.

Around the whole world, hundreds of well-known companies have been using Safetmade products.

Brief History


Company has been founded at late 90’s as a service company to carry out the annual / 5 yearly inspections and load tests of life saving and lifting appliances. Beginning of 2000 company started manufacturing load test water bags for its own use, and created the brand ‘Safetbag’. After that date, Safetbag brand rapidly gained customer satisfaction with its high quality and cost efficient products. In 2010 company started manufacturing first ever 100 ton water bag in the world, which changed the course of heavy load testing letting the customers carry out the tests easier, with less equipment and cost. In 2013, company started manufacturing Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) for life-rafts and Epirb.

Safetmade Experience

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